The Golden Retriever Club
of San Diego County, Inc.

Puppy Referral

Have you read the articles in the "Puppies" section?  If you haven't we suggest that you go back and read them as they are filled with a wealth of knowledge that will assist you.  Feel free to print out any of these helpful articles.  If you have already read them then you are ready to take the next step to find your new golden puppy!


Litter Referral

The GRCSDC follows the guidelines set down by the GRCA regarding puppy/litter referrals.  Referrals to a breeder's litter are made only after AKC paperwork is provided on both parents to the club, as well as copies of health clearances for both parents from OFA - hips, OFA – elbows, CERF-eyes, and SAS- heart.  (See Health Issues section for the health clearances recommended in the GRCA Code of Ethics for breeding.)

Please be aware of who you are considering purchasing a puppy from.  Those people who operate puppy mills know the correct things to say to convince you that it isn’t important to have current hip, elbow, eye, and heart clearances on both dam and sire.  Insist on seeing the clearance paperwork or walk away.  A reputable breeder will always give you a copy of all health clearances for both parents.  All clearances can be verified on the OFA website.


Club members may have a litter of puppies or have used their male as stud during the year.  These breeders are members in good standing of the Golden Retriever Club of San Diego County, Inc., but under no circumstances does the Golden Retriever Club of San Diego County, Inc. guarantee the services of said member.


You should ask questions of your own about the background, clearances, and health of the parents and the puppies.  Also ask about the intent of the breeder.  Be prepared for the breeder to ask you questions as a conscientious breeder wants to find the right home for their puppies.  Breeders with reputations for producing good dogs (pet, show, obedience, herding, agility, etc.) try to match the right dog with the right owner.


For a litter/puppy referral or if you have any questions, please e-mail the club at