The Golden Retriever Club
of San Diego County, Inc.



People say that I make a wonderful pet; that I am a good family dog, and excellent with kids - the perfect dog for just about everybody, right? NOT TRUE!! Read on.

If you plan on leaving me outside most of the time, I will:  trash your yard! I'll dig holes, eat the lawn furniture, the kid's toys, the pool cover, the new shrubbery, or anything else you leave out.  I will become an escape artist, learn to dig out or climb out so I can find some "people companionship."  If you don't have a fenced yard, I won't hang around. There are too many interesting sights and smells that I must check out. In either case, I will either get hit by a car or end up at the pound.  I will become a nuisance. When you come out I will jump up on you, knock over the kids, race around uncontrollably, and ignore your commands to behave.

On the other hand, if you bring me inside, train me, love me, and make me an indoor pet companion, I will:  love you, behave, be well-mannered, be great with kids, be the best dog you have ever had!!!

Please DO NOT take me home if you are just going to leave me in the yard or on forty acres in the country. I need the time and attention from you more that I need room to run. Yes, I need fresh air and exercise, but we can do that together walking, jogging, or playing retrieving games.

House train me (it's not that hard), take me to obedience school (that will be lots of fun), and let me be a member of your family, and I will be the kind of pet my first family probably wanted, but wasn't willing to do the work to get".

Rescue Service

Because even golden retrievers go to the pound, the GRCSDC operates 
a rescue for unwanted and homeless golden retriever puppies and adults.  If you would like to adopt a homeless (yet very loving) golden, know of a golden who needs a home or would like more information on golden retriever rescue, please contact our rescue by telephone at 619-449-1991 or by e-mail at